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The Romanian Academy Library

Established on the 6th of August, 1867, one year after the founding of the Romanian Academic Society, the Romanian Academy Library set as its first goal the mission of gathering and preserving within its collections the national corpus of manuscripts and printings which illustrate the Romanian culture and history, as well as the universal history and civilisation.

Today, its corpora are estimated to contain over 14 million units, out of which 3,600,000 are monographies and 5,300,000 are serial publications. Special collections, which are included in the heritage of the Romanian Academy Library, secure it one of the foremost positions among the related institutions in Romania. Out of them all, the manuscript collection is the richest in the country and the collection of the Engravings Office, those of the Numismatics Office, of the Music Office and of the Topography Office are veritable reference points in their fields. (source -

The Romanian Academy Library engages into publication exchanges with other academies, science institutions, universities and foreign libraries and it conducts the publication exchange activities of other branches of the Romanian Academy, whilst at the same time representing the nucleus of a vast network linking the libraries of the Romanian Academy subsidiaries and of its research institutes.